AlbionMill Tailor-Made Resources

Do you have a specific resource need? It’s possible that we can help. Email your requirements to providing as much guidance as possible as to the function of the resource and your students’ needs and we’ll get back to you with some ideas. See below for some of the types of resources that can be created:



  • An Introduction to Representation for AS students



  • Analysing an opening sequence: A practical analysis using media language observations, and applying genre and narrative ideas

Info-sheets on specific texts and/or topics – links to sources/videos etc. could be provided


  • A summary of key postmodern terms and examples of their application

Planned lessons on specific topics (with or without suggested textual examples, worksheets etc.)


  • Introduction to semiotic analysis for AS students
  • Introduction to feminist analysis for A2 students

Please note – resources are not and cannot be tailored to specific awarding body’s requirements but will focus on subject content, analysis, application of theory etc. Costs will depend on the type, size, level and scope of the resource required.


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