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Studying the media means keeping up to date with media theories, issues and debates. The AlbionMill Info Sheets offer theoretical and analytical discussions on a range of topics as well as advice and guidance on practical analysis skills.

List of Resources 16-17

Ideal for students and teachers Info Sheets  cover contemporary texts and issues and demonstrate the use of media concepts and theories. Rather than focusing on specific assessment needs these resources help support the development of the underlying analysis skills that underpin examination and coursework success.

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List of Resources 16-17

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Vol 4 (Sept 2016-Feb 2017)

  1. The Carnivalesque (Sept 2016)Analysing Game Shows (Nov 2016)
  2. Analysing Game Shows (Nov 2016)
  3. Post Structuralism: Foucault and Derrida (Jan 2017
  4. How does Advertising Work? (Feb 2017)
  5. Censorship and the Media (Feb 2017)

Vol 3 

  1. Identity 2 – communities and collective identities
  2. Science Fiction – a genre case study
  3. New and Digital Media: audience and institution issue and debates
  4. News Concepts – from news sourcing to news agendas
  5. Feature Article – defining and constructing this popular media format

Vol 2

  1. The Media and Identity
  2. Analysing Websites
  3. Here is the News
  4. The Naturalisation Process
  5. How Does Comedy Work?

 Vol 1

  1. Conceptualising the X Factor - free download here
  2. Gender and Advertising: Crispello  - free download here
  3. The Great British Bake Off
  4. Gaming: Narrative and Audiences
  5. Gaming: Planetside 2 Case Study


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