Celebrity culture unpicked from the inside

It’s been a year nearly since the broadcast of season 3 of Game of Thrones so, with another six weeks or so to go before the start of season 4, fans of the show will be gearing up for the next instalment of HBO’s fantasy drama. One of the pleasures of the programme is the ability to hate King Joffrey who, unlike so many modern TV drama villains, does not have a single redeeming quality and is not in any way complex. He’s a character you can safely hate. The actor Jack Gleeson on the other hand seems like a pretty thoughtful and balanced guy and, despite being catapulted to fame whilst still in his teens, has clearly given the effects of celebrity culture some careful consideration and offers both a strong argument and a fascinating insight. Apparently he intends to pursue a career in academia rather than Hollywood once Game of Thrones is finished.


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