Marxism at the BBC

I’m always looking for examples to demonstrate theoretical ideas in action so I was interested to see that there was a discussion on Marxism on Daily Politics this week (BBC 1st Nov). It makes interesting viewing as, in the same way The Daily Mail managed to make Ed Miliband appear more appealing to the electorate in their attempt to smear his father, Andrew Neil’s blustering attempts to belittle Owen Jones and Zoe Williams only made their analysis look more reasoned and reasonable.

I now have a wonderful resource that discusses alienation and demonstrates the simplification and demonisation of a complex idea (Marxism), it shows how capitalist consensus has removed Mr Neil’s ability to listen to anything that does not support his world view and how the BBC’s mocking tone and adversarial interviewing style acts to reinforce this consensus through the construction of false consciousness. All this and according to this survey, people apparently think the BBC has a left-wing bias.

For those that don’t know, Andrew Neil was a long time editor of The Sunday Times, was on the board of Sky TV and has written for The Daily Mail and The Spectator.


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