Writing Text Books

Sadly, the blog has been pretty quiet this year. This is not because there haven’t been loads of media issues and debates that have been worth talking about – quite the opposite. What with Trump and the Bake Off; Brangelina being no-more and Pepsi’s PR faux pas; the post-truth world, the rising confidence and belligerence in the tabloid press and the near hysterical approaches to tragic events in broadcast and social media, there’s been a lot to keep any student of the media and culture occupied in the past year. There are loads of blog-posts I’d like to have posted but I’ve been occupied with a pretty big project – co-writing a text book.

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AQA A Level Media Studies books

The AS/Year 1 Media Studies book will soon be ‘on the shelves’ (or on Amazon) and Elspeth (Stevenson) and I are currently working on the A Level/Year 2 book which should be published later next academic year. ¬†Once this second book is complete, I’ll get back to posting more blog entries. I’ve continued updating the topic resources and have tried to keep Facebook and Twitter as up to date as I can – there are loads of links there to be going on with!!


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