Media Effects (Tragically) on the Agenda Again

There was so much wrong with the NRA’s recent statement including the hypocrisy of the NRA’s fetishisation of the gun whilst criticising the media for doing the same thing. The effects theory has been opened up once again following the obscene tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut. Salon summarises some of the arguments here but it should be noted that some ideas have been accepted without much critical evaluation. For example, given the Americanisation of culture over here and the success of the violent films and video games identified, why is the UK not affected in the same way? Blaming the media has always been a default positions after tragedies like this. Michael Moore’s documentary Bowling for Columbine could be revisited now to see the counter arguments that he raises and David Gauntlett’s discussions on effects theory (including his book Moving Experiences) are worth a look.

Happily criticisms of the NRA’s statement were quickly published on-line. A nice summary of some of the social media commentary here.


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