Dapper – Just ‘Avin a Laugh??

A six part series on ITV2 staring Dapper Laughs had passed unnoticed in this household and I suspect that was the case in many more. However, since the content of the comedian’s act had been the centre of a twitter-storm he has almost become a household name. At least for a little while. Social media bought him to the attention of the mainstream press and he has, over the last week or so, been the centre of a whole lot of attention.

‘Laughs’ ¬†(a character created by the comedian Daniel O’Reilly) responded to a bad review of his work by encouraging his twitter followers to rally to his defence. They did so by sending threats of physical and sexual violence. To add to his problems the homeless charity Shelter made a statement saying that although he had offered to donate money raised from the sale of his ‘album’ they would not accept it as they too took offence at the nature of his humour. Further protests and a whole lot of media comment finally led to ITV2 cancelling a second season of his show and the comedian himself ‘retiring’ the Dapper Laughs character and taking part in this interview on BBC’s Newsnight.

Here is a debate about the comedian followed by his interview Рboth from Newsnight.

and here is a Channel 4 News‘s feature and discussion on the subject.

In other news the pick up artist Julien Blanc is also receiving a lot of negative publicity. His motivational conferences instruct ‘delegates’ how to pick up women and his methods include physical assault, bullying and psychological trickery. His tour in Australia was cancelled when public protests made it to the press and hotel chains who were hosting his meetings began to back away. A similar campaign is going on right now as he has plans to come to the UK and online petitions are available for those who want the home office to deny him a visa.


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